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Cornered is a darkly comic two-hander set in a seedy Manchester boxing gym in which the only sparring that takes place is that between dim-witted cornermen Vinnie and Rex. Both are given the straight-forward task of looking out for their boy, the promising young fighter Little T. But with illicit money seemingly theirs for the taking, things don’t quite go according to plan, especially when local villain Doxy is spotted staking out the place.


Jamie Greer and Liam Fox in the original production of Cornered

Cornered premiered in England in 1999 in a production by Rocket Theatre and was directed by Martin Harris. It won Best New Play in the Manchester Evening News Theatre Awards. It’s Canadian premiere was directed by Paul Van Dyck in a Rabbit in the Hat production at Theatre Ste-Catherine in 2011 and starred Howard Rosenstein and Christopher Moore. This production subsequently transferred to Bain St-Michel in a co-production with Infinitheatre.

Winner of “Best New Play” at the Manchester Evening News Theatre Awards

Press comments for Cornered

cornered me and paul

Jim Burke and director Paul Van Dyck contemplate the view from the gods during the Cornered rehearsals

“A blast…it’s like David Mamet Parachuted into Coronation street…a brill little show.” The Mirror, Montreal

“[Howard Rosenstein] gives an astonishingly dramatic performance…which is intelligent and literally knocks one’s socks off…[Christopher Moore’s] portrayal…is right on the money. His timing and emotional nuances are perfectly calibrated. [Director Paul Van Dyck] has paced the play so that the tension keeps building in irresistible waves until the final moments…I recommend this to anyone who has the desire to see something really well-written, beautifully directed and brilliantly performed.” Rover Arts, Montreal

” [Jim Burke] is a skilful writer [with] a keen ear for colourful, catchy dialogue…Catch it while you can.” The Gazette

bestiary imageBestiary  

Three famous animals…and their famous last words.

Originally broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2003, Bestiary offers an animal’s-eye-view of human history, ranging from the Biblical Flood, the Napoleonic Wars, and on to the space race.

Jonah’s whale and Laika the canine cosmonaut begin and end this tragi-comic trio of monologues, while the bizarre-but-true tale of the Hartlepool Monkey completes the set.

lisa in bestiary

Lisa Flower rehearses as Laika the dog in Bestiary

Bestiary was adapted for the stage in 2006 and had its Canadian premiere in 2010 at Montreal’s Le Nouveau Theatre Ste Catherine, with Chris Nachaj playing the Whale and the Monkey and  Lisa Flower playing Laika. This version featured brand new songs composed by Vox Populi’s Patrick Mathieu.

Press Comments for Bestiary

“I can promise you one of the more pleasant, funny and sad forty-five minutes of your day” The Times (London)

“A stunning and moving piece of theatre.” Buxton Fringe Review




Moby Dick posterMoby Dick     

 A highly physical adaptation of Melville’s epic novel, performed on Walk-the-Plank’s theatre ship The Fitzcarraldo and featuring four actors playing over thirty roles. It was produced by Kaboodle Theatre and Walk-the-Plank productions and directed by Lee Beagley. It toured the British Isles throughout 2000 and 2001.

moby dick germany

Moby Dick in Germany

A new version of this adaptation was subsequently performed Stadtische Buhnen Munster, Germany, again directed by Lee Beagley.





Winner of “Best Fringe Production” and “Best New Play” at the Manchester Evening News Theatre Awards.

Press Comments for Moby Dick

“Haunting, spellbinding, funny – this Moby Dick is a magical experience. Hurry up that gangplank.” Manchester Evening News

“There are moments when the play is truly thrilling…Ahab’s final meeting with the whale [is] so powerful you can almost taste the salt on your skin.” The Stage

“I found it one of the most memorable theatrical occasions I have ever known” Booker Prize-winning novelist, Dame Penelope Lively





Notes From Underground 

This adaptation of Dostoyevsky’s novella was performed in 2010 as part of a double-bill with Neil Scotten’s play Romeo and Juliet Do Not Die at Montreal’s now-defunct Theatre 314. It was workshopped at Playwrights Workshop Montreal in 2013.

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